There is never a shortage of innovation happening at motivitylabs. We have become the trusted partners of many start-ups by transforming revolutionary ideas into tangible products. If you have an idea in the making, allow our proven innovation process to make it a reality.


Continuous innovation and accelerated releases set organizations apart in today’s competitive market. motivitylabs effectively manages the three variables of Innovation – scope, time & resources – to ensure a successful product release, allowing you remain focused on your business objectives. With extensive experience in cloud and mobile development as well as user experience and security, our teams will add value throughout the process – from wireframe to development, prototype, develop & test, and to ongoing application maintenance.

Our Innovation Process:

Ideation & Concept Development:

Through effective communication and mutual understanding, we help customers maximize the ideation and concept development stage.


Once the Ideation and Concept is finalized, it is critical to create a prototype with precision as this forms the framework for further development. At motivitylabs we are equipped with state of art creative UI/UX capabilities which makes real time visualization and oversight possible for the customer.


This critical stage of innovation involves seamless Agile Application Development and Testing. motivitylabs has an impressive track record of delivering quality products in timely fashion.

Application Development

Quality Assurance

Release & Maintenance:

The final step of the process is to ensure consistent and impressive performance. motivitylabs plans a release of the application only after conducting thorough testing to ensure the product works exactly how you envisioned in all scenarios. We then help train your end users on the application and support them with any required technical documentation. At this point the innovation process concludes. We position you to maintain your applications but offer maintenance & upgrade arrangements as well.

  • Test Release
  • Market Release
  • Adding new features
  • Post Release Maintenance
  • Upgrades as needed