There is a wealth of data residing inside and outside every Enterprise. Businesses must have proper tools to organize, analyze and query this data in order to uncover actionable insights that improve business planning and decision making.


  • Architect, implement and maintain Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence / Big Data Analytics solutions.
  • Setup Analytics CoE supporting enterprise needs on an on-going basis.
  • Implement packaged Analytics solutions or build custom solutions.
  • Implement integrated dashboards for getting a holistic measurement of corporate, operational, and customer centric KPIs.
  • Implement solutions for Master Data Management, Metadata repository, and Data Quality.

Retail Analytics:

motivitylabs specializes in Retail Analytics which include Merchandize Analytics, Customer Analytics & Supplier Collaboration.

Social Hearing & Insights:

For a leading hospital group, motivitylabs is deploying Social Hearing & Insights (SHI) as a part of the Digital Lifecycle management solution.


SHI offers both pre-packaged and customized solutions to analyze unstructured data. Insights that cannot be tapped from structured numerical data like perceptions, social sentiments, etc., are majorly derived from SHI.

Text Data

Data Collection : With custom or pre-packaged site crawlers.
Analytics : Custom algorithms or packegaed software help sturcture the data.
Visualization : Inforgraphics can help map out perceptions and customers sentiments in a neat one-page pictograph.

Voice Data

Data Collection : Audio DBs connected to inbound call center rep’s phone.
Analytics : Pre built industry software like NICE can help break and stucture audio data.
Visualization : Infographics can help map out efficiency and topic analysis of inbound calls and can also help in staffing and DM.