Smart Cities

What is a Smart City?

Our Approach to Smart Cities:

motivitylabs believes integrated approach is the best way rather than a piece meal approach to guarantee better outcomes and return on investments

motivitylabs recently launched dedicated Innovation Center for Digital and Smart India, which will partner with state and local governments, leading infrastructure players, urban planners & architects to help them implement Digital and Smart City solutions by integrating best of breed products combined with our subject matter expertise in implementing similar integrated solutions globally.


motivitylabs Innovation Center has been working with innovative companies in the areas of IoT sensors, smart networking grids, digital image processing, deep learning algorithms, device & data security, and data science. Our leadership team has Smart City expertise working with the implementation of solutions for traffic patterns, street lighting, energy & water efficiency, waste management, telecommunications, public safety, healthcare and smart homes in cities like Paris, Barcelona, Copenhagen and other smart cities across the globe.